Medigrowth NZ

about us

At Medigrowth NZ, we are motivated by respect. Respect for the plant, the planet and the patients who ultimately benefit from pure, safe & trusted medicinal cannabis. This is why we are a manufacturer and supplier of premium New Zealand made medical marijuana, using the finest cannabinoids extracted from the healthiest cannabis plants. 

Passion & Dedication Backed by Science

Driven by research and inspired to learn, uncover and discover. Our commitment to further educate, explore and understand the therapeutic benefits of cannabis will always be at the core of our endeavours.

This is why we have partnered with leading university, healthcare and industry allies for inspired collaboration.

Our ability to Grow, Extract and Test in our custom designed ‘HybridGrow’ facility and the planned Medigrowth NZ Centre for Excellence will ensure we can lead by example in our pursuit of perfection.

We will continue to engage, educate and advance the industry through independent and collaborative initiatives.

Our cultivation partner program will ensure New Zealand licensed cultivators have access to cGMP contracting facilities for third party extraction, manufacturing and analytical testing of medicinal cannabis within a purpose built, world-class facility to be located in a readily accessible transport and logistics hub. Most importantly, we are committed to deliver trusted Medigrowth products to New Zealand patients.

the medigrowth NZ difference

Our mission is simple: to provide a natural way to wellness from locally produced cannabis and sustainable cultivation to scientifically customised solutions. Effectively, we channel nature’s life-giving gifts to produce medicinal cannabis in its most pristine state for the patient’s ultimate benefit and to sustain our planet’s finely-balanced natural environment.


Medigrowth New Zealand is committed to ensuring the environmental integrity of our natural ecosystem, and ultimately, the health and well-being of people. The two go hand-in-hand: by working in harmony with nature’s diversity and people’s individuality, Medigrowth New Zealand is looking towards a better life now, as well as helping to create a sustainable future for all.

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