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our journey

At Medigrowth New Zealand, we’re on a journey to provide legal access to medicinal cannabis and medical marijuana to New Zealand patients & doctors with permission from the Ministry of Health. With each and every milestone achieved we consolidate a resolute commitment to ourselves, our industry partners and New Zealand patients. 

Established 2019

Medigrowth New Zealand was founded in 2019 in partnership with Medigrowth Australia by its  directors Todd McClellan, Adam Guskich & Aaron Murphy. Medigrowth Australia was established in 2017 and offers valuable expertise, IP, partnership and experience to the New Zealand team.

Medigrowth New Zealand team

“We share a resolute belief in Medicinal Cannabis, along with our combined vision for creating a company with the ability to effect substantial positive change in patient wellbeing” This is the motivational driver for success.

Medicinal Cannabis Licensing

Our genuine ‘seed to solution’ commitment.

Full Cannabis Processing

Medigrowth New Zealand is positioned for full vertical integration – offering a genuine ‘seed to solution’ commitment to New Zealand patients and industry partners.

Existing and future licence applications to New Zealand Ministry of Health include Licence to Cultivate a prohibited plant (Cannabis Research Licence), License to cultivate medicinal cannabis & Licence to manufacture medicinal cannabis products.

The Natural Way to Wellness

Phase 1 – Leading distribution in New Zealand for access to safe, reliable and affordable cannabis medicines via GP & Pharmacy network.

Medigrowth New Zealand establishes GP Education Initiatives

New Zealand GP Education Initiatives

Recognising the need for peer led medicinal cannabis training for New Zealand Healthcare professionals, Medigrowth New Zealand and Medihuanna present ‘Practical Skills in prescribing Medicinal cannabis for Health Care Professionals.

Click here to register interest for upcoming GP education events.

Grow, Extract, Test & Research

The Medigrowth New Zealand Centre for Excellence

Phase 2, World class cGMP design for purpose built facility to be located in regional 
Cromwell, Central Otago.

Medigrowth Fascilities

Offering state of the art technology in extraction and manufacturing, cultivation, analytical and laboratory services, genetics supply and  University led research. At Medigrowth NZ, we understand every critical element in the supply chain, allowing for the seamless integration between meeting individual patient needs and serving our industry partners.

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